Brain Training for Your Business

BrainWorkshops provides learning programmes that deliver a brain-based toolkit of practical skills designed for the modern workplace.
People learn a science-based approach to high performance, and practical techniques to help them improve their productivity, develop their creativity, and build their resilience.

People unlock their potential

Teams work more effectively

Businesses create high performing cultures

“Phil was simply amazing. His ability to make you think differently and understand highly complex thinking was unique.
He ran the best leadership seminar I have ever attended and I would highly recommend Phil to anyone.”

Chris Oliver-Taylor, Managing Director, Matchbox Pictures



Improve your productivity and effectiveness, reduce overwhelm, and get more from your time


Develop your creativity, generate more ideas, and enhance your problem solving skills


Manage your stress, build your resourcefulness, and sustain your performance under pressure


Strengthen your focus, regulate your emotions, and improve your health and wellbeing


Create and maintain a high performance culture within your business or organisation


 Continue your learning and development through ongoing digital reinforcement and support

“The great thing about the courses is that you walk out of them with real actionable tips. As a result of putting into practice some of the things Phil covered, I’ve become more productive, calmer under pressure or in stressful situations, and I can now approach problems with a more creative mindset.”

Daniel Smethurst, Head of Sales, The Financial Times


% of participants that say they will now be more effective at work