Brain Training

BrainWorkshops provides high impact learning programmes that transform thinking and behaviour, helping people, teams and businesses elevate and sustain their performance.

Participants gain a brain-based toolkit of practical skills, backed by scientific research, and designed for the modern workplace. They learn how to strengthen their focus, increase their productivity, and work smarter each day. They discover how to improve their sleep, manage their stress and enhance their mental performance. They learn how to develop their resilience, regulate their emotions and increase their mental adaptability. They discover how to think more creatively, improve their problem solving skills and become more innovative.

Clients include the BBC, Viacom International, The Financial Times, NBCUniversal, Jamie Oliver Restaurants, Channel 4, and Discovery Communications Europe.


Improve your productivity and effectiveness, reduce overwhelm, and get more from your time


Develop your creativity, generate more ideas, and enhance your problem solving skills


Manage your stress, build your resourcefulness, and sustain your performance under pressure


Strengthen your focus, regulate your emotions, and improve your health and wellbeing


Improve your communication and influence, and develop you interpersonal versatility


Create and maintain a high performance culture within your business or organisation


93.5% of participants say they will now be more effective at work.