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Phil Dobson

Phil Dobson is a facilitator, coach, and author of ‘The Brain Book’. His expertise is in helping individuals, teams and businesses perform better.

He works across the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia, helping businesses like the BBC, NBCUniversal, Channel 4, The Financial Times, and Viacom International increase their productivity, build their resilience, and develop their creativity.

He does this through practical learning programmes that provide a systematic approach to working smarter. Turning insights from neuroscience and cognitive and behavioural psychology into applicable techniques and methods, participants gain a brain-based toolkit of practical skills designed for the modern workplace.

Phil’s highly facilitative approach is made more impactful by his experience as a coach and psychotherapist. He challenges existing working practices, transforms thinking, and creates sustained shifts in behaviour. People unlock their potential, teams work better, and businesses create high performing cultures.

Phil is also a sought after speaker, a regular guest on BBC radio, and contributes to publications and podcasts on the brain and the application of neuroscience to business.