Think & Work Smarter Programme

A scientific approach to mastering your productivity, optimising your mental performance and working smarter every day.

This learning programme is designed to help you get more from your brain every day.

It turns insights from neuroscience and cognitive and behavioural psychology into applicable skills and techniques,

giving you a systematic approach to improving your performance at work.

Working Smarter

A brain-based system for
maximising your productivity

Master your prioritisation
Improve your focus
Work smarter every day

Value £497

Brain Fitness

A step by step guide to
optimising your mental performance

Manage your stress
Improve your sleep
Enhance your mental performance

Value £297

Meditation & Mindfulness

A masterclass in
training your brain and attention

Strengthen your attention
Regulate your emotions
Improve your health and well-being

Value £197

  • The ‘Think & Work Smarter Programme’ includes: Working Smarter + Brain Fitness + Meditaton & Mindfulness (view the entire lesson list here)
  • Over 30 high-quality video lessons, explained in terms of step-by-step application.
  • Techniques are based on research: you learn the science behind how and why they work.

  • Downloadable worksheets and checklists help you apply the insights immediately.

  • Mobile app accessibility. Your whole programme is accessible on the move.
  • Unlimited access to the course for life. Learn at your own pace in your own time.
  • 30 day money-back guarantee. If you don’t love it, we’ll refund you. It’s as simple as that.
Life changing! Practical learning back up by neuroscience that can be applied to your whole life.
Ella Hudson