Communication can make or break a team or organisation. This workshop is designed to help you improve your interpersonal versatility and effectiveness by helping you understand yourself and the people around you.

You improve your observational skills and discover the significance of non-verbal communication. You’ll learn about other people’s interpersonal preferences and discover how to adapt your behaviour to work better as a team. You’ll learn how to improve your communication skills and empathy, and you’ll become more capable of using more appropriate behaviours to improve relationships, influence and rapport.


  • Improved interpersonal flexibility
  • Improved communication and influence
  • Improved empathy and understanding
  • Improved people skills and rapport



  • The BAGEL model of non-verbal communication
  • Improving observational skills
  • Rapport skill and mirroring techniques
  • The Interpersonal Styles model
  • Understanding assertive and responsive behaviours
  • Understanding ‘ask vs tell’ and ‘people vs task’
  • Assessing your own style and accurately assessing other people’s styles and preferences
  • How to ‘flex’ – treating people as they would like to be treated
  • How to flex pace and priority most effectively
  • Improving overall interpersonal flexibility and influence