Whatever your role, problem solving and innovation are critical to success. This workshop is designed to help people develop their creativity, improve their problem solving and become more innovative.

You’ll learn about divergent and convergent thinking techniques, and how you can train yourself to think more laterally. You will also learn about creative brain states, the science of ‘A-ha’ moments, and how have more insights. You will learn how to improve your problem solving skills, how to challenge your assumptions and how to reframe problems. You will gain valuable tools with which to form creative strategies and discover the keys to working creatively as a team.


  • Improved creativity
  • Improved innovation
  • Improved problem solving
  • Greater capacity to think differently


  • The creative process and how to develop the creative habit
  • Understanding the need for immersion and experience
  • Asking the right questions, reframing problems and challenging your assumption
  • Divergent thinking and how to promote more lateral thinking
  • Facilitating creativity in a group
  • Using perceptual positions for idea generation
  • The Disney Technique for creative strategy formation
  • Convergent thinking and forming new associations
  • Creative brain states and your most creative times of day
  • The neuroscience of a-ha moments, and how to have more insights