Many of us are overwhelmed, and too often we find ourselves too busy doing the wrong things. This workshop is designed to help you become more productive, more effective, and increase your daily output.

You will learn how to prioritise better, and how to spend more time on the things that count. You’ll discover how to improve and manage your mental energy and how to remain in an optimal state throughout the day. You’ll learn how to improve your focus and remove distractions. You’ll learn how to keep your mind clear, and the best working methods to reduce overwhelm. You’ll also discover how to dramatically improve your memory of lists, names and everything you read.



  • Improved productivity and effectiveness
  • Improved focus and attention
  • Smarter working method
  • Improved memory


  • Understanding executive function and your ‘brain at work’
  • Working smart: using the 80/20 principle
  • MVTs and LVTs and morning routines
  • Improving and managing mental energy throughout the day
  • Maintaining focus and improving attention
  • Multi-tasking and your brain and how to eliminate distractions
  • How to keep your mind clear and prevent overwhelm
  • Emptying the inbox and using the 3 minute rule
  • Email habits and how technology affects your brain
  • Improving memory: remembering lists, names and everything you read