In a demanding environment, performance can suffer considerably: high levels of stress can quickly lead to poor decision making, reduced effectiveness, and for emotional and mental well-being to suffer. This workshop is designed to help people manage stress, develop resilience and improve and sustain their mental performance and flexibility.

You’ll learn how stress affects your performance, the sign and symptoms of stress, and how to sustain performance under pressure. You’ll also learn about sleep and how to sleep better, and how to use exercise and nutrition to boost your mental performance. You’ll also discover how to develop a greater sense of control and manage your energy better. You’ll learn how to control your physical and emotional states and develop your mental health and wellbeing. You’ll also discover the implications of brain plasticity and learn how to keep your brain young and adaptable


  • Improved resilience and reduced stress
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Improved and sustained mental performance
  • Improved emotional resourcefulness


  • Introduction to resilience and its importance for sustained performance
  • The ‘S.E.N.S.E’ Model: The 5 keys to improving cognitive performance and flexibility
  • Stress and your brain and why performance suffers under stress
  • Relaxation techniques and how to regulate your physiology and reduce stress
  • How exercise and nutrition affect your brain and how to boost your mental performance
  • Sleep and your brain and how to improve your sleep
  • Energy vs time management and how to better manage your energy
  • Understanding and developing your locus of control
  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques and how to improve focus and regulate emotions
  • Working methods to reduce overwhelm and how to develop resilience over time