I feel the current situation with the Coronavirus is starting to affect people’s emotional well-being, so I made a short video with some tips on how to stay resilient.

Hopefully you’ve not been affected directly, but if you are feeling stressed or anxious, here are my top 5 tips on maintaining your emotional well-being. (*obviously follow the medical advice first).

5 points:

  1. Borrow from the Stoics (understand your response and experience remain under your control)

  2. Prioritise your physical and emotional recovery (sleep, nutrition, exercise, and your emotional ‘rechargers’)

  3. Use cognitive reframing (try to see any negatives as opportunities, and practise gratitude)

  4. Stay connected (maintain human connection and be wary of psychological isolation)

  5. Practise meditation and mindfulness (for immune function, emotional regulation and sleep)

  6. For free meditation and mindfulness audio CLICK HERE

    + And finally, don’t over consume the news!

Stay safe,


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