“Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.” Dan Gilbert.

Most of us seem to appreciate the value of reflection, and yet so few of us book enough time in our calendar to reflect on our own experience or progress. Thoughtful examination of your world on a regular basis will only ever improve your position. This is true not only in respect of your goals, but your life as a whole. 

Each new quarter provides a perfect opportunity to do such a review, and there are 5 questions that will help give you valuable perspective and insights, and help you make any changes you might wish. See it as an ongoing process: an experiment with the most interesting of subjects, yourself.

So first, calenderise an uninterrupted meeting with yourself of no less than one hour every 3 months (the first week of January, April, July and October), to do your own quarterly review. 

Now, find a spot you will be uninterrupted for an hour or so, grab a pen and paper and answer the following 5 questions. 

The 5 questions to ask every quarter:

Looking back over the past three months…

  1. What has gone well?
    • Highlights, key accomplishments, and experience you enjoyed the most (it is useful to get your calendar out for this)
  2. What has not gone as well as you hoped?
    • Challenges, hurdles, and what’s been difficult
  3. What (else) have you learned?
    • Observations, changes, developments
  4. What (if anything) is missing?
    • What else is important to you, anything of note that has not yet come up
  5. What do you now need, or want, to change?
    • What could you now do more of or less of, or start or stop doing (to improve your experience over the next 3 months)
    • For this question it’s worth reviewing all your answers so far, and then brainstorming any changes you could make. 

Process and reflect on your answers

At the end of your review you should have lots of insights and plenty of changes you could now make. Choose your top 3-5 priorities (be realistic), and then either calendarise them, or create a new routine that ensures you make the changes you want. It’s always easier to start small and build on your success. Review your progress again in 3 months time.

Enjoy – and if you have any questions about the above, please get in touch.


3 point review:

  • Ensure you always have clarity on your quarterly goals – specifically what progress on what goals will you have made by the end of this quarter?
  • The first week of every new quarter, do a quarterly review answering the 5 questions above
  • Make any changes you wish based on your reflections and your priorities



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