Phil DobsonBrainWorkshops® mission is to help people get more from their brains.

Most of us are taught nothing about our brain and we suffer as a result.

Our approach is to turn the most useful research into practical skills and techniques to provide you with a scientific approach to living and working smarter. The result is a brain-based toolkit of practical skills, backed by scientific research, helping you improve all aspects of your mental performance.

Phil is the founder of BrainWorkshops and author of ‘The Brain Book’.

Phil used to be a musician. In 2007 he badly broke his ankle and this prompted a pivot in his career and he retrained as a clinical hypnotherapist. He set up his practice in London the following year.

He had a great deal of success, but began to find his work frustrating. His frustration was not with his clients – but with the fact that they needed to see a specialist to help with basic human needs: how to sleep, or how to manage their stress. He noticed that all too often his clients’ brains were working against them rather than with them. Phil was struck with the question: Why are we taught so little about our brains?

Phil has done a degree in psychology, and while he had found this interesting, he had not found it particularly applicable (he’d learned how to condition a dog, but not his own behaviour). As a therapist he now he found himself with a toolkit of techniques that was transforming peoples’ lives in as little as 90 minutes. He thought if he could deconstruct what he had learned and teach it other people, they would not only be more successful, they would also be happier. This is what led Phil to study neuroscience.

Initially he wanted to understand more about the mechanisms behind the most effective techniques he was using. But as he was now self-employed, and found himself running a busy business, he also wanted to discover how to increase his productivity. He believed an understanding of the brain would help with this too.

The more Phil learned about the brain, and the more he applied, the easier things became. Over the subsequent decade, Phil developed a science of performance. He developed a brain-based approach to increasing productivity and a system to enhance your focus and work smarter every day. He researched the neuroscience of creativity, and developed a process that enhances your creative thinking and improves problem solving. He developed a brain-based approach to building resilience and designed a model to sustaining your performance under pressure.

Phil now works with businesses all over the globe helping leaders apply what we know about the brain to improve their performance at work. He works with clients such as The Financial Times, Warner Music, The BBC, Viacom International, Jamie Oliver, Channel 4, The Academy of Chief Executives and Facebook.

In 2016, Phil wrote the best seller, ‘The Brain Book – How to Think and Work Smarter’. He is a regular guest on BBC radio and contributes to publications on the application of neuroscience in the modern workplace.