BrainWorkshops® mission is to help people get more from their brains.

Most of us are taught nothing about our brain and we suffer as a result. Our approach is to turn the most useful research into practical skills and techniques to provide you with a scientific approach to optimising your mental performance.

We specialise in helping people, teams, and businesses improve their performance at work, helping them increase their productivity, build their resilience and develop their creativity.

Phil Dobson

Phil is the founder of BrainWorkshops and author of ‘The Brain Book’.

Phil turns insights from neuroscience and cognitive and behavioural psychology into applicable techniques designed for the modern workplace.

Phil used to be a musician. He also had a business development role with a coffee company, so most of his days were spent working as quickly as possible and then off to the studio.

In 2007, he badly broke his ankle. A drive to try something new, a keenness for learning and a desire to help people, he changed direction entirely and began training as a clinical hypnotherapist. He set up a practice in London the following year.

He found his success as a therapist rewarding, but a feeling of frustration began to build and he found himself stuck on a question: Why are we taught so little about our brains? People were clearly suffering: clients struggled to sleep, and needed help managing stress, and too often people’s brains were working against them rather than with them. And yet Phil found himself with the information that could help transform these people’s lives in as little as 90 minutes.

He believed that if he could deconstruct what he’d learned and teach the principles to others, they would not only likely become more effective and successful, but they’d probably be happier too.

He started working with businesses teaching groups of people how to manage stress and improve their sleep and this led him to study neuroscience.

Initially he wanted to understand more about the neural mechanisms behind most valuable techniques he was teaching. But as he was also now self-employed and running a busy business, he  wanted to learn how to become more productive and he turned to neuroscience for this too. He believed a deeper an understanding of the brain might help him work smarter.

The insights he gained were transformational and he came to develop brain-based systems that improve all aspects of your performance at work. He researched the conditions under which your brain perform at its best and developed a model to improve mental performance and brain fitness. He took a scientific approach to increasing productivity and developed a system to enhance your focus and work smarter every day. He explored the research on the creative brain and developed a process that can be used to enhance your creative thinking and your problem solving.

Phil now works with businesses all over the globe helping their people think and work smarter. He works with clients such as The BBC, Warner Music, Ascential, Viacom International, MTV, Jamie Oliver, Channel 4 and The Financial Times.

Phil also wrote ‘The Brain Book’, and is currently developing online learning programmes to help more people learn to use their brain better.

And he still plays and produces music.

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