The Brain Book: How to Think and Work Smarter

‘The Brain Book’ provides a scientific approach to optimising your mental performance and practical tips to help you work smarter every day. It delivers a step by step guide to getting more from your brain, helping you:

Strengthen your focus
Increase your productivity
Enhance your creativity
Improve your memory
Manage your stress
Improve your sleep

“The Brain Book is a must! A friend to any reader, offering options to best cultivate and nurture your brain to maximise your true potential.” Shetel Khimashia, Talent and Culture Manager, Channel 4

“Consistent with its purpose of finding efficiency, the Brain Book provides a quick and easy way to test a variety of techniques and tools to improve your daily workflows.” Chris O’Neill, CEO, Evernote

“One of the best and most helpful books on this subject ever and I’ve read 100’s.” 5 star review, Amazon UK